Why us?

We are business-oriented 
We at Webswell strongly believe that a key point of every effort is improving the customer’s business. It’s always business in the background that really matters, not technology. Therefore we spend a lot of time studying the business of our customers, trying to understand the industry specifics. This is the elementary point of success in any IT project.


We are flexible
We are not strictly oriented at any technology and are able to conform to our customers requirements. Based on our experience companies have invested large amounts of resources in building information systems so we believe that the right way is to extend the existing system rather than building the new one, modern and … more expensive. We support different platforms, ERPs, databases, technologies and techniques that are commonly used nowadays and we mastered techniques of integration of systems on different levels, according to customers needs.


We are inexpensive 
Webswell is able to offer its services at very attractive price. We can deliver our integration solutions based exclusively on Open Source technologies so the customer does not pay for software licenses. Commercial software is used only on customers request.
Another big advantage is that our development centre is located in Prague, in Central Europe. Thanks to lower labor price there our solutions are cheaper compared to US integrators. Location of our development does not affect the quality of services in any sense.

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