What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a term that is used to denote the delivery of computing infrastructure as a service. The cloud term refers to the abstract nature of the technology and the lack of a physical location. Cloud computing relies a lot on the sharing of software and resources to create economy of scale. This is similar to an electricity grid, and services are usually supplied over a network such as the Internet.

Cloud computing services are offered by a service provider that centralizes the data, software, computation and applications over a single network. This reduces the need for end users to have knowledge of the various applications. The software and data are usually stored in the clouds at a remote location. The cloud providers work hard to give better performance to end users. This is in contrast to having all of the data and software kept on the end user’s computer.

There are several key characteristic to cloud computing, and here are some of the common features of this type of service.

  1. Agility – The computing system can easily be modified to reflect changing needs in an organization.
  2. Application Programming Interface – This provides accessibility to programs that are designed to act in the same way as the interaction between humans and computers.
  3. Cost – The services of cloud computing are designed to be reduced. The capital outlay is condensed to monthly expenses. There is no need for a firm to buy the software they need. Instead the sofware is rented through the cloud service provider.
  4. Geographical Freedom – The cloud is usually provided over a network like the Internet. This means that anyone can access the cloud over the network and have access to data, computational power and software.
  5. Security – There is more security in cloud-based services due to the centralization of data. This is a complex issue though, and there are some experts who believe this system is actually less secure than keeping data stored on in-house machines.

Cloud computing owes its origins to the beginning of the Internet. The cloud term is used to denote a cloud that has all of the data and software. Any end computer user can then use their physical machine to access the powers that are held in the clouds. This is much the same way that telephones and electric utilities have been seen in the past. Anyone who has a link to the network can receive the benefits of the system.

Cloud computing is more popular than ever, and it ostensibly offers savings for business and personal computer use. The highlight of this type of service is that users pay a fee to access the features in the cloud. There are several different particular systems, and public and private clouds are often referred to in the industry. The differences depend on the number of people who have access to what is contained in the clouds. There are a number of benefits to cloud computing, and it can eliminate the need for a geographical link to a computer system.

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