• Webswell Cloud enables easy migration of existing applications to cloud platform.
  • It is a comprehensive solution for those who need to process large amount of raw data from business or technological processes.
  • It converts semi-compatible data types from various sources to map reduce compatible sets and process them on distributed cloud nodes.

The Challenge


  • Terabytes of data on geographically distributed sites
  • Existing applications that do not support cloud architecture
  • Incompatible or partially compatible data types that do not fit map-reduce paradigm
  • Various data storage files and databases
  • Complex process-driven data operations are required, with possibility to redefine algorithms on the fly without programming
  • Need for accurate, valid results provided via multiple protocols to multiple consumers
  • Web interface to present data results


The Solution


  • Standard cloud core that provides access to multiple types of data sources
  • Built-in data collectors an mappers that collect data from data sources and pre-process them so that they can be used by map reduce distributed system. This process uses visual wizards
  • Complex data processing (such as summaries, aggregations, sorting, complex searches, classifications, conditions and loops) can be defined dynamically without or with minimum of programming required
  • Processing results can be mapped on the data structures that are required by applications or are human readable

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