U.S. Broadband Internet Speeds

For those who have wondered about whether or not they are getting the Internet speeds that they pay for, the FCC has found that many actually do, and more. A study in September revealed that the major broadband Internet providers in the United States have been able to provide speeds reaching 97% of the speeds that they advertise. This is a steady increase from a report that came out just two years earlier, which showed that providers were only reaching 87% of the speeds they advertised.

U.S. Broadband Internet Speeds

Many of the major broadband providers in the U.S. have actually exceeded the Internet speeds that they claim to have, which is clearly great for consumers. Companies such as Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon and ViaSat showed service speeds that were higher than they advertise. ViaSat showed the most impressive numbers at 137% of its advertised speeds.

While some companies showed amazing service numbers, many did not. Qwest, Windstream, AT&T and Verizon’s DSL Internet had speeds that were shown in the study to be below what they advertised. Windstream showed the lowest figures, which came in at around 81% of their advertised speeds. You don’t have to pay full price for AT&T service. Save on Uverse with any number of ATT uverse coupon codes.

DSL was shown in the FCC report to have the lowest speeds when compared to cable and fiber services. Fiber services were proven to be very fast as expected, and performed at an average of 115% of their advertised service speeds. Many broadband users today are on tiered service plans and have been changing to faster tiers for improved speeds.

The FCC is adamant about the continued improvement of Internet service in the U.S. Consumers continue to demand faster speeds, and many providers are working diligently to ensure that they get them. The study also showed a steady improvement in the speeds offered by satellite Internet service, which as been known to be slow in the past.

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