Webswell Inc. releases a new generation of Business Hub integration platform, the Webswell Business Hub 3. The new generation now implements range of technologies that makes it even more versatile and fexible, and for the first time it contains dedicated Business Process Engine in order to allow building a complex business orchestrations with multiple parties involved.


    The key new features:

  • Support for EDI standards
  • Better support for Web Services integration
  • Built-in Business Process engine (BPEL-based) allowing to define and run business processes over multiple parties with multiple business documents
  • New web-based (ajax) monitoring portal that allows messaging and business processes execution monitoring and management

About Webswell Business Hub: Webswell Business Hub is a business integration solution for advanced business documents interchange. Companies or units connected to the Business Hub are able to interchange their documents with others even when they use incompatible data formats and support different messaging protocol. For instance, an invoice sent by Sender as EDI document via https can be received by a Receiver as a XML invoice via smtp. Being transmitted through the Business Hub, the business document can be transformed, translated, validated or verified automatically which reduces significantly requirements for IT infrastructure at Senders and Receivers sites. In case of multi-node networks (tens to hundreds of companie connected) the cost reduction is enormous. Another big advantage is built-in business processor engine which allows to conduct and monitor business processes defined at the higher level (inter-company level rather than intra-company) giving the possibility to view acrual states of business process instances in a real-time even though there are many companies involved in the process.

November 3, 2009 – Webswell releases a new version of Webswell WLR3Portal

The Webswell WLR3Portal v. 1.5. is now built on the Webswell QuickForms platform which allows to customize, update and enhance the existing WLR3 features in very quick and simple way. For more information on Webswell QuickForms platform click here. For information about WLR3Portal 1.5. click here.

August 12, 2009 – Webswell introduces the Webswell QuickForms platform

Webswell introduces the Webswell QuickForms, a framework for fast and easy implementing of XML-based data standards into the web environment. As the result it is possible to build complex web-based forms that will be used for generating of a valid XML output.

he Webswell QuickForms is prepared to be used in conjunction with other Webswell’s products in order to provide higher added value to the customer. A typical usage scenario would be a Portal like system that allow end-users easily create complex XML structures without actually knowing XML. Such portal would be easily integrated with Webswell Business Hub or Webswell Connect (including its derivatives like telConnect, financeConnect or gasConnect) to provide state-of-the-art ebXML or AS2 messaging, or any other messaging gateway or integration bus.

Please visit the QuickForms pages for more information.

May 17, 2009 – WLR3 Portal 1.2 becomes integral part of the Webswell telConnect Enterprise Edition v. 2.5.

Webswell UK Ltd. releases a web-based portal solution integrated withing the Webswell telConnect B2B platform. The new WLR3Portal (in its version 1.2) now becomes part of the telConnect Enterprise Edition v. 2.5. The WLR3Portal allows , apart from managing and browsing wlr3 traffic passed through the telConnect framework, also manual construction of valid wlr3 documents. This approach is ideal for small Communications Providers that do not need or that cannot afford pricey automated integration with their back-ends.

January 23, 2008 – Webswell telConnect Enterprise Edition 2.1. released

Weswell releases a new version of the Webswell telConnect integration suite for Communications Providers that wish to migrate to BT Openreach WLR3.

    Webswell telConnect 2.1. highlights:

  • Compared to previous versions, the telConnect 2.1. is oriented towards implementing of business processes, business processes integration and mapping to WLR3 interactions
  • Introduced a new concept of Business Conversations that comprise multiple related collaborations (sequences of business transactions)
  • Implemented WLR3 Dialog Services
  • Improved performance of WLR3 Assurance, Fulfilment and Issue Management services
  • Improved user interface with audit trail and ability to track Business Conversations; better reporting functionality
  • New event notification module
  • Being a telecom industry-specific implementation of Webswell Business Hub general technological infrastructure, the telConnect 2.1. allows building complex network of nodes (gateways) communicating with Openreach WLR3 EMP through a centralized point – the Hub node. This is a valuable solution for larger or distributed Communications Providers

The functionality of the Webswell telConnect is also available as a fully outsourced solution hosted by Webswell that is designed for small Communication Providers or as a testing/backup platform.


November 1st, 2008 – Webswell launches a new WLR3 hosted service

Webswell introduces a new hosted service that allows Communications Providers to integrate with BT Openreach WLR3. The new service provides ebXML messaging gateway and WLR3 processing engine fully outsourced.

    The service is intended for:

  • Small to mid-sized Communications Providers who can’t afford or do not need, for any reason, the in-house fully integrated WLR3 Gateway
  • Communications Providers that want to try the integration with BT Openreach WLR3 before they invest in in-house integrated solution
  • Communication Providers that want to use the service as a backup in case their in-house solutions fail


    The new service brings significant benefits:

  • Guaranteed availability of service
  • No license fees
  • No need to keep ebXML & related know-how in-house
  • Very low setup costs; periodic payments and/or per-message payments
  • Free maintenance, updates and upgrades
  • Web-based GUI interface and/or email-based interface. Creating WLR3 documents using html forms
  • Complete message audit trails available anytime/anywhere needed (web-based); Message archive
  • Statistics and managerial overview over all account
  • Customizable email event notifications (receiving/sending/error occurrence /etc.)
  • Possibility to upgrade seamlessly to fully in-house integrated solution Webswell telConnect/ telConnect Enterprise


September 21st, 2008 – Webswell telConnect 2.0 Enterprise Edition released

Webswell Inc. introduces a new version of the Webswell telConnect Enteprise Edition


    The Webswell telConnect 2.0 EE key features:

  • EbXML-based gateway
  • Integration Connector for integration with back-ends
  • Built-in transformer for xm<->xml, text<->xml or database/object<->xml business data transformations
  • Registry-based messaging configuration system
  • Message archives with complete message audit trail, managerial outputs and statistics. All features available through a web-based interface
  • Possibility to build a Hub-like network of nodes easily
  • Resilient platform with complex load-balancing features and high availability features. Built-in clustering of both messaging gateway and message database to make sure that no message is lost


May 14th, 2008 – Webswell is moving to San Francisco

Webswell Inc. is moving its registered office to San Francisco, CA.

The new address is:

Webswell Inc.
101 California Ste. 2450
San Francisco, 94111 California,


May 7th, 2008 – Webswell gasConnect released

Webswell Inc. introduces the Webswell gasConnect, B2B integration platform for the gas industry. It is dedicated for companies involved in gas trading, storing or transporting and that exchange business documents with their partners using EDIG@S standard-based documents as well as xml documents.


    The Webswell gasConnect meets objectives of a efficient, flexible and open B2B suite:

  • Provides AS2, EbXML and SFTP-based messaging with high level of reliability and security
  • Allows exchanging EDIG@S documents and provides support for the EDIG@S standard (composition, decomposition, transformations)
  • Is easily configurable to support proprietary xml and text-based formats of business documents
  • Can be effectively managed even in multi-partnerships configurations, provides possibility of audit trail, notifications and archiving
  • Provides a range of ways of integration with back-end systems, including database, filesystem, web service, APIs
  • In conjunction with Webswell High Availability Platform, the Webswell gasConnect is capable of mission critical operation with high availability of service
  • Is 100% Java based, virtually platform-independent


March 14th, 2008 – Webswell telConnect introduced

Webswell releases the Webswell telConnect solution that allows Communications Providers (CP) to migrate onto the BT Openreach WLR3. By 2010, all Communications Providers are required to migrate to WLR3 platform in order to make the wholesale line rental services automated and transparent. Webswell telConnect is intended to help them to reduce the complexity and risks or that transition by introducing the B2B gateway that communicates with BR Openreach WLR3 Equivalence Management Platform (EMP) on one side and CP’s back-end systems on the other side.

    The Webswell telConnect comes in two versions:

  • TelConnect Standard Edition – elementary solution that provide messaging gateway to a single-point CP.
  • TelConnect Enterprise Edition – a complex solution that allows to build a network of points – nodes (branches, agents, partnerships, departments etc. ) where each node communicates with WLR3 EMP through the central point – the hub node that concentrates and manages all the traffic within the nodes network.


    Webswell supports both versions with wide variety of professional services as it is aware that Openreach WLR3 is de-facto the first big implementation of ebXML (Electronic Business using eXtensible Markup Language) standards in the telecoms industry. Having been specialized in ebXML and related technologies since 2002 (where 80% of projects have been ebXML-related) Webswell is able to bring valuable contribution in:

  • Business and technical consulting and advisory
  • EbXML-related enterprise application integration
  • Delivery, customization and deployment of ebXML-based B2B solutions
  • Maintenance, up to 24/7 support and helpdesk services


February 11th, 2008 – Webswell Business Hub for media industry

Webswell Inc. accomplished the pilot implementation of ebXML business integration solution, the Webswell Business Hub, in the media industry. The customer Media Metro LLC, leading provider of software solutions and services for the media industry.

The solution allows to create complex network of business partners exchanging business documents with each other through the central point, the Business Hub, using the robust and secure ebXML messaging. The Business Hub handles all the traffic within the network (including routing, validating or transforming of business documents). Business partners connected to the Business Hub can use either Webswell Connect ebXML gateway or any other third party ebXML connector or gateway that can be integrated with back-end systems.

Delivered solution is one of the first implementations of ebXML standards in the media industry. It is intended to transfer text and xml-based business documents, including industry-specific documents like ERN (new release messages) or DSR (sales report messages). The communication is managed using CPA (Collaboration Protocol Agreement) documents stored in the centralized Registry, thus messaging maintenance and change management is efficient and less error-prone.

About Media Metro LLC: Media Metro is a metadata services company, with expertise in the organization, management and distribution of media data, thereby establishing and capitalizing upon its value as an asset in the digital domain. The customer base encompasses all participants in the digital media supply chain, from content creation through distribution. For more details please visit www.mediametrollc.com

January 14th, 2008 – Webswell Business Hub 2.0 release

Webswell Inc. releases the new generation of business integration solution based on robust and secure messaging within the net of communicating parties. The Webswell Business Hub 2.0 allows mutually incompatible parties (in a sense of incompatible data formats or messaging protocols) to exchange business documents with high level of reliability and security.

Until the 2.0 version the Webswell Business Hub was available as an outsourced hosting service. With Webswell Business Connect 2.0 Webswell offers this solution also as a product that can be deployed and run on customer’s site.

Key features of Webswell Business Hub 2.0 (the Hub):

  • Messaging functionality – the Hub supports AS2 and ebXML messaging (over http, https or smtp/pop3)
  • Routing functionality – the Hub is able to route a business message between any two nodes connected to the network
  • Transforming functionality – the Hub is able to transform a message during the routing. It is possible to transform the message either at the messaging type level (ebXML<->AS2 transformation) or at the business document level (XML->XML, XML<->csv, XML<->text, text<->text etc. )
  • Thanks to using a central gateway – the Hub – the number of mutual connection is minimized and messaging configuration is centralized – the cost of managing and maintenance is lower and is less prone to misconfiguration.
  • Another advantage of the centralized approach is excellent reporting and statistics on the communication of the whole network.

The Webswell Business Hub is intended for:

  • The companies that need to build a complex network of communicating nodes while minimizing the cost of configuration, change management and maintenance cost.
  • The companies that need to build a network of communicating nodes (branches, divisions, distributors or suppliers) where each node can use different data formats or messaging protocol
  • The companies that need to connect multiple nodes that act as a single node to an external node


October 9, 2007 – Webswell Connect 2.1.1 release

Webswell Inc. releases a new version of Webswell Connect ebXML/AS2 integration platform. Compared to previous versions, the 2.1.1 version:

  • Contains the Basic Edition of Webswell Monitor – an AJAX-based dashboard for remote web-based monitoring of ebxml nodes – tracking incoming and outgoing messages (including system and error mesages), statistics information, logs tracking
  • Has refined Linux installation scripts for seamless installation on Suse and Ubuntu distributions Webswell Connect is a framework for e-business based on the ebXML and AS2 standards. It is used as an integration framework for heterogeneous business environments and for integration of incompatible software systems.

The Webswell Connect is intended for secure and reliable data interchange between trading partners or between units within large corporations. It covers business data exchange, communication configuration and data management:

  • Messaging: using ebXML or AS2 standards, the messaging becomes secure, reliable and trackable. Webswell Connect implements techniques for non-repudiation, duplication elimination and receipt acknowledgements, data is sent using the ssl.
  • Configuration management: messaging configuration is defined through bilateral agreements that can be stored and managed centrally to ensure automated change propagation in case of messaging settings change requirement. It is possible to maintain the whole communication network from a single point.
  • Data management: Webswell Connect provides core functionality that enables to pre-process exchanged XML-based business data. The data can be categorized, parsed and decomposed into elementary business objects in accordance with industry-specific standards. This pre-processed business data can be then identified, found or used much effectively.


August 15, 2007 – Webswell Connect 2.1.0 release

After several beta releases, the Webswell Connect 2.1.0, an open source SOA, ebxml and AS2 integration tool, has been finally released. Compared to previous versions the new release has the following new features:

  • It includes HSQLDB as a alternative database system to the PostgreSQL. Both databases are available out-of-the-box.
  • Included Webswell Dispatcher 1.1.22. has improved handling of AS2 and ebxml Registry Repository messages. It was also optimized to work faster.
  • Upgraded installer with improved MS Windows installation process.

Webswell Connect is a complete framework for e-business based on the ebXML and AS2 standards. It is used as an integration framework for heterogeneous business environments and for integration of incompatible legacy systems. With its messaging and Registry features it is a basic building block of SOA architecture implementation. Webswell Connect is an open source software, licensed under GNU GPL.


May 21, 2007 – Webswell provides ebXML messaging infrastructure for an agriculture project in Germany

Webswell delivers ebXML messaging infrastructure for a e-government and e-bussiness project called “agroConnectrlp”, which will examine the possibility of the information-exchange and communication infrastructure for farms in Germany based on ebXML frameworks. The project is led by The Center for Innovative Information Systems ( IIS – http://iis.fh-bingen.de) which belongs to the University of Applied Sciences in Bingen, Germany (http://www.fh-bingen.de).


May 16, 2007 – Webswell introduces monitoring tool for Webswell Connect, Webswell financeConnect and Webswell Business Hub

Webswell releases a web-based monitoring tool compatible with Webswell Connect 2.x, Webswell financeConnect and Webswell Business Hub. It allows remote monitoring of the state of all components, received and sent messages, system messages (acknowledgments, errors etc.), monitoring of configuration parameters (CPAs, ebMS and AS2 partnerships) and reporting and statistics module.

Have a look at a printscreen of the Webswell Monitor. Click on the thumbnail to see a full resolution image.



April 12, 2007 – Webswell’s consultancy for NYC SA

Webswell accomplished pilot project for NYC SA, a Paris, France-based technology company that delivers e-commerce solutions and provides relates services. NYC SA will combine ebXML and AS2 features of Webswell Connect 2 and Webswell Business Hub with its own technologies to build hosted solution that will serve as a hub that manages message exchange between businesses, including message payload and message type conversions.

About NYC SA: NYC has extensive experience in building e-commerce solutions based on the EDI. The services it provides comprise consultancy, Web Site hosting, providing Web EDI for both SMEs and major companies.


March 12, 2007 – Webswell financeConnect 1.0 is released

Webswell releases Webswell financeConnect, a unique solution that technologically supports the exchange of documents in the financial industry. The focus of financeConnect solution includes, but is not limited to, the FpML (Financial Products Markup Language, used primarily for trading with financial derivatives instruments) documents. The following key concept were implemented:

  • Using ebXML Registry/Repository for business data archiving and processing, including automatic document content-based cataloging, classification and parametrization. The FpML standard has been implemented in the ebXML Registry/Repository serving as a basic building block of a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
  • Using ebXML or AS2 messaging for secure and reliable transfer of the business documents.

The product’s audience includes companies that wish to engage in e-business collaboration with their partners, companies that need to build flexible system of intra-company documents interchange and system vendors that want to enhance their systems by ability to communicate via ebXML and/or AS2.

About FpML: FpML™ (Financial products Markup Language) is the business information exchange standard for electronic dealing and processing of financial derivatives instruments. It establishes a new protocol for sharing information on, and dealing in swaps, derivatives and structured products. It is based on XML (Extensible Markup Language), the standard meta-language for describing data shared between applications.


February 21, 2007 – Webswell Connect 2.0.6 release

Webswell releases Webswell Connect 2.0.6 version. The major enhancements to older versions are:
– Added support of Windows services for Tomcat
– Dispatcher 1.1.1 , improved error handling
– Major bug fix in installer for Windows systems


February 15, 2007 – Webswell’s consultancy for Aurora Kendrick James Ltd.

Webswell accomplished ebXML consultancy providing for Aurora Kendrick James Ltd, a UK-based technology company that provides billing software for telecoms and ICT solutions providers. Aurora Kendrick James Ltd is considering using Webswell Connect 2 B2B framework to enhance its billing system with ability to communicate using ebXML standards with BT OpenReach.

About Aurora Kendrick James: AKJ has over 10 years experience in providing market leading telecoms service providers with the support and technology they need to be successful. The services it provides comprise billing services (billing software and billing outsourcing) and telecommunication management services (reporting, outsourcing, audits etc.)


January 9, 2007 – Webswell Connect 2.0.5 released

Webswell releases Webswell Connect 2.0.5 which contains updated components, increased stability and it is coupled with new tools for testing and elementary workflow execution.


September 13, 2006 – Webswell Connect 2 release

Webswell introduces the new generation of its Webswell Connect ebXML integration suite. Webswell Connect v.2 is based on the UN/CEFACT and OASIS ebMS (ebXML Messaging Service) v.2 and CPPA (Collaboration Protocols & Agreements) standards.

The Connect 2 suite provides a complete technical infrastructure for building ebXML-based eCommerce, eGovernment or eHealth integration solutions. It offers robust, safe and reliable messaging, information assets management through ebXML Registry and Repository and Webswell will introduce an embedded business process integration layer in the next releases.

Implementing Webswell Connect 2, a company or an organization gets ready for conducting a data interchange with its clients and partners using ebXML and EDI (AS2) communication standards.


May 18, 2006 – Webswell expands into European market, opening its first European office, located in Prague, Czech Republic

The primary purpose of new office is to help European small and medium sized companies (SME) to build B2B and integration solutions utilizing ebXML standards, while minimizing the cost by using completely free, open-source software products. The new office will also serve as a software development center for both American and European sites.

European business contact:
Webswell Europe s.r.o.
Borivojova 878/35,
130 00 Prague,
Czech Republic,

Phone: +420775094935

Email: webswell-europe@webswell.com


May 8, 2006 – Webswell Connect 2.0 introduction

In order to provide our customers with the best quality products, Webswell Inc. plans to introduce a  new generation of the Connect integration suite – Webswell Connect version 2.0.

Compared to Webswell Connect 1.x versions the 2.0 was radically improved. It is based on Hermes 2 message service handler working now with a new component – Dispatcher. Upgraded suite constitutes the most advanced open source ebXML technology that is available on the market.


May 2, 2006 – Webswell accomplished integration project in Automotive industry.

Webswell Inc. accomplished integration project for one of the leading American automotive dealership software supplier. The goal was to build a platform for automated document interchange between car manufacturers and car dealerships, all based on ebXML standards. Our mission included:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Software systems analysis and design
  • EbXML integration software development, based on Webswell Connect 1.x. integration suite
  • Implementation and deployment to the production environment
  • Consultancy services

The project duration was approx. 11 months. More details and references provided upon request.


January 10,2006 – KorBIT ebXML certification process has started

Webswell Inc. has started the process of certification of its Connect integration suite with KorBIT certification authority. During the certification process, Webswell Connect components will be tested for conformance with ebXML messaging standards (ebMS) and for interoperability of tested system with several state-of-the-art platforms.

  • Conformance tests cover topics like Message Packaging, Core Extension Elements, Error Handling, Sync Reply, Reliable Messaging, Message Ordering and Security
  • Interoperability tests focus on on-line communication between pairs of systems while various functions are monitored and evaluated, for example: Basic asynchronous or synchronous exchange with zero and more payloads, Acknowledgments processing, Error states processing etc.

Webswell expects from certification greater software quality and standards compliance guarantee that will significantly reduce efforts and costs of building B2B integration platforms.

Apart from certification process, Webswell and KorBIT agreed on closer cooperation. Webswell will build KorBIT adapter into future releases of Webswell Broker to provide prospective integration solutions developers with ability to test installed solutions for standards conformance and for interoperability quickly and easily. KorBIT will use Webswell Broker for more efficient usage of KorBIT testbed.

Webswell Broker release with built-in KorBIT adapter is planned for Spring 2006.

About KorBIT: Created in December 2002 in Korea, KorBIT is an open consortium formed to help enterprises to promote their interoperability in conducting businesses over the Internet. The KorBIT’s mission is to demonstrate, validate, and assure interoperability among enterprises, by:

  • Validating the conformance and interoperability of messaging, security, documents, and processes among enterprises;
  • Validating the B2B, A2A, and supply chain solutions being used;
  • Developing architectures, methodologies, and guidelines for automated testing and validation;


April 2, 2005: Webswell has joined the freebXML initiative

Webswell corporation became a member of one of the leading initiatives in ebXML industry – freebXML. We have been cooperating with freebXML members since 2003, exploiting MSH Hermes and ebXML Registry/Repository tools developed under freebXML initiative as a keystones of Webswell Connect integration suite. Now we have donated to the community our own product – Webswell Broker (also part of the Connect suite) that allows building business integration solutions using other freebXML tools.
We hope that joining freebXML initiative will bring valuable contribution to quality of our products and services and we are looking forward to closer cooperation with other freebXML members.

About freebXML (www.freebxml.org):
FreebXMLis an initiative that aims to foster the development and adoption of ebXML and related technology through software and experience sharing. The mission of freebXML.org is to provide a centralized site for developers to access and share ‘free’ ebXML code and applications. Users and developers can also share their ebXML development and deployment experience at freebXML.org.

About CECID (www.cecid.hku.hk):
Established in January 2002, Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID) at the University of Hong Kong conducts e-commerce research and development with the vision of helping organizations increase their competitiveness in the global economy.CECID’s contributions to the community include its code donation of Hermes and ebMail to freebXML (http://www.freebxml.org) and the production of an in-depth design and management guide on XML Schemas for the Hong Kong Government.

February 23, 2005: Pilot implementation of Webswell Connect 1.3.1 in the aerospace industry

We have finished a pilot project for one of the major US aerospace and defense manufacturers. References will be provided upon request.

The pilot project is a simulation of business scenario with 6 communicating parties. The scenario contains reporting and repairing of failure of an airplane critical components. The business process includes communication with an airplane components, component manufacturer, service center, headquarters and shipment company. Full message can be found at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/2/prweb211298.htm

November 15, 2004: Webswell Connect 1.3.1 launched

The 1.3.1. version has improved stability and fixed some issues of 1.3. version.
The Webswell Connect 1.3.1. contains:

    • E-business registry and repository
  • EbXML messaging system
  • Application connector called MessageBroker
  • Demonstration and monitoring utilities (Monitor, TestApp, CFGenerator)
  • Components and libraries needed for the platform function
The package is easy to install and configure. Webswell Connect 1.3.1. allows running real-life business scenarios composed of a sequence of business collaborations.
Webswell Connect 1.3.1. is again entirely open source software distributed under Academic Free License.
The package can be downloaded from product’s SourceForge site.

March 9, 2004: Webswell Connect 1.3

The Webswell Connect 1.3 now contains a new component – Webswell Message Broker which allows to build complete simple integration solution using ebXML Registry and Repository and ebXML
Message Service Handler. The Webswell Message Broker is able to construct a complete ebXML message (carrying a business document as a payload) based on CPA stored in the Registry and Repository and pass it to the Message Service Broker which sends them to the other collaborating party.

December 7, 2003: Webswell Connect 1.2

Webswell released a new version of ebXML framework Webswell Connect. The Webswell Connect 1.2 is now more stable and it uses the latest versions of EbXML Registry/Repository Server and Client, ebXML Message Service Handler (Hermes) and a tool for offline messaging (ebMail). For the first time, the software development package with complete source code was included into the distribution.
Webswell Connect 1.2 is fully open source software under the Academic Free License

August 29, 2003: Webswell Connect 1.1beta release

Webswell released new version of ebXML framework Webswell Connect. The Webswell Connect 1.1 Beta consists of EbXML Registry/Repository server and client – full e-business registry implementation, EbXML messaging system – a component that realizes secure and reliable messaging between communicating parties. It is based on Hermes MessageService Handler open source project, Simple user interface that enables end users to participate in e-business
transactions.This component uses ebMail software.

Webswell Connect 1.1 Beta is fully open source software under the Academic Free License and can be downloaded from the Webswell’s SourceForge site.

August 17, 2003: Webswell joined ebxmlrr project

The Webswell company has joined the ebXML Registry/Repository project.
For more details see ebxmlrr pages

July 20, 2003: Webswell Connect Registry/Repository 1.04Beta

Webswell released the new version of ebXML Registry and Repository called Webswell Connect R/R.The Webswell Connect R/R 1.04 Beta consists of server and client side plus additional software needed for installation, configuration and running of ebXML Registry and Repository.

Webswell Connect R/R 1.04 Beta is fully open source software under the Academic Free License and can be downloaded from the Webswell’s SourceForge site

May 8, 2003: Webswell Connect Registry/Repository 1.03Alpha

Webswell released the first component of Connect solution that uses IzPack for easy installation and configuration. Registry/Repository client will be followed by other components (using IzPack technology as well) in a short time.

Webswell Connect R/R Client 1.03 Alpha is an open source software under the Academic Free License and can be downloaded from the Webswell’s SourceForge site.

May 3, 2003: Webswell’s SourceForge site

We launched the project at SourceForge.net where will be published results of our research and development. All Webswell Connect components are open source and will be available for free downloading there. Please clickhere to visit our SourceForge site.


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