Internet Browser Usage and ATT UVerse

People tend to be as loyal to their Internet browsers as they are to their preference for Coke or Pepsi. So it’s no surprise, then, that Internet Explorer has been the number one used Internet browser for years.

In the past four years, Internet Explorer has had over 30% of the web browser usage market. Chrome is a close second with usage rates hovering around 30% and Firefox comes in at third with any where from 20 to 25% of the market.

Usage rates are calculated by unique visitors and are supplied by such sources as StatCounter, Clicky, Net Application and W3Counter. Usage is often broken down by month so that browsers can see trends.

In addition to trends from month to month, there are also some specific geographic trends in web browser. For example, Firefox is the most used browser in Germany while Internet Explorer is the primary browser in China.

It’s not uncommon to see such wide regional variations. For example, similar patterns can be seen within the U.S. with broadband providers. Xfinity, the rebranded Comcast, is the dominant provider in the North East and out West. AT&T U-Verse, the fiber optic network part of AT&T, is just rolling out their home broadband services and can be found predominantly down South and throughout the Mid West.

To maintain a competitive edge, some companies have unique “offerings”. Firefox, for instance, is a free and open source browser which improves utility and user experience. While broadband companies can’t, or really won’t, provide any free services, they do entice users with other offerings, such as gift cards, free DVRs and even no-contract plans. You can get such deals with an ATT UVerse coupon code, or find offers from other broadband providers online.

It’ weird to think of web browser usage as a business, but like any other utility, it definitely is. With continued innovation, top security and web standards, Firefox will remain a top contender.

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