U.S. Broadband Internet Speeds

For those who have wondered about whether or not they are getting the Internet speeds that they pay for, the FCC has found that many actually do, and more. A study in September revealed that the major broadband Internet providers in the United States have been able to provide speeds reaching 97% of the speeds […]

What is the apple icloud

The Apple icloud is the virtual storage locker that has been offered to those consumers that have an Apple product. This is available for millions that own the iPad, iPod and iPhone for free. People that want additional space must pay extra, but 5GB is offered to everyone with an Apple account ID. These accounts […]

Five Ways to Keep your Data Secure

Various methods exist for an individual or business to protect their data. Securing important data is not limited to banks and other companies with sensitive data that needs to be protected. To do this you will need to consider all of the options that you have available. Create a Backup The best way to protect […]