Webswell: Information Delivered

Enterprises which have integrated their systems and which electronically trade with partners are efficient and thus have improved financial performance. Small and medium sized enterprises want the same benefits, however, existing solutions are extremely costly and can negate the potential financial gains. Webswell sees this and by taking advantage of the many years of experience and embracing the architecture of web services they can offer to these organizations efficient solution that let’s them integrate their systems and trade electronically without spending huge sums of money.

Nowadays, all enterprises facing changes in their business that impact their internal systems can quickly change how their systems flow using the Webswell’s integration software. Business changes like acquiring new divisions, outsourcing functions, opening and closing company locations, and seeking new trading partners can be quickly and cheaply addressed. In case more complex, multi-node solution is required, Webswell offers the Webswell Business Hub that allows to build network of mutually incompatible parties communicating with each other through the central point (the Hub). Such solution is easily manageable, with easy change management and reconfigurable.

Webswell’s customers come from many industries, from automotive through telecommunication and IT technology to media and finance. Such spread is a confirmation of our concept of providing valuable IT infrastructure that is independent of particular industry and can be implemented into virtually any B2B communication scenarios, while still being able to customize the infrastructure using industry-specific standards.